Let’s think and talk about death. 

A team of eight students from various educational institutions from Rotterdam collaborated to ascertain societal issues, specifically that of death. This project is a part of the 10 week “RASL” (Rotterdam Arts & Sciences Lab) minor, which aims to confront 21st century issues and reimagine the future through arts and science. Through transdisciplinary research, a variety of topics were reached and discussed within the group, which aided the creation of this website. Inspired by death as a complex part of society, we came to the consensus that creating a website which embraces death and sparks a conversation is crucial to breaking the taboo.

The inevitability of death is a concept which crosses all our minds at one point or another, the way in which we cope with this thought is entirely subjective. However, the conversation of death remains a taboo embedded in society as a means to escape the reality of our fate. How, where, and when we will die are all questions we ponder at one instance or another in our lifetimes. Perhaps it is the unknown of death and afterlife which frightens us most of the thought, therefore this website will confront death in multiple aspects in hopes to help with those currently grieving and start a conversation.

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