The Dine and Whine


This experience is not intended to replace any medical or therapeutic care. Please delay your participation if you are feeling unwell, are having self-destructive thoughts or are in a state of emotional desperation. This is intended as an exercise of self-reflection and connection to your own emotions. Above all, this should be fun, despite tackling serious topics. If you decide to not listen to the recording, we wish you well and hope you will find yourself in more peaceful times soon.


On the evening of your choice, you will eat your last meal. Take your time to slide on your black clothing. Make sure your space is tidy. Set your table; lay out your cutlery, your dishes, your glass of water, your paper, your writing utensils and hold your memory close to you. Light your candles and turn your lights off. If due to religious and personal beliefs or dietary restrictions you are unable to consume the suggested drinks and food, please replace them with something more suitable to you.

  • Some paper to take notes
  • A pen, a pencil or anything to write that you like holding in your hands
  • A memory of something dear to you that you have lost
  • The meal you would chose as your last one
  • Black clothing
  • A glass of water
  • Some candles

[From 0:00:00 to 0:03:00]

“Hello dear Griever, What a pleasure to find you here! As I can see, you have accepted my invitation to reawaken your feelings of loss. I hope that you will feel and re-feel your lost pains, even shed a tear! Hurt! My dear griever, let your heart burn inside your chest! A phoenix can only rise from its own ashes! When you feel ready, sit down in front of your meal and sit in silence for a minute. Ask yourself what you are expecting from tonight.

ACT 1 [Crackling Fire Soundscape]
[From 0:03:00 to 0:04:00]

*Church Bell Sound* Start eating. Make sure to enjoy it, after all, this is your last meal. When done, take a moment to reflect on your meal. How did it make you feel? Can you still feel its warmth inside of you?

ACT 2 [No more background sound]
[From 0:21:00 to 0:57:00]

*Church Bell Sound* Blow out your candles. *5 sec pause* You have died a sudden death. *10 sec pause* How do you feel? *10 sec pause* Now that you are in the realm of the dead, who and what do you meet again? Take your time to be with what you have lost. Enjoy the company. Do not forget to document what you experience, it will not come back.

ACT 3 [Forest Ambience]
[From 0:57:00 to 1:15:00]

*let the music get increasingly loud for 15 secs* Mmmm, you still seem to show some signs of life? However, they are very faint. Fill your glass with wine and take a drink, this might give you some life. Take a bite of chocolate and let it melt in your mouth. While you are getting back some life, are you not leaving something behind? Were you able to say your goodbyes to whoever you met again? Are you ready to leave them again?

GOODBYES [Crackling Fire Soundscape]
[From 1:15:00 to 1:20:00]

*Church Bell Sound*  Your heart has started beating again. Take a deep breath of air and have a glass of cold water. Congrats! Your death seems to have been delayed by some time. But do not worry, you will be back soon! Take a picture of your set table and your face in the mirror. Take your paper and pen and take your time to write a letter to whoever and whatever you have just met again. If you have done this simultaneously with other people, take some time to check up on them and share your experiences. Thank you dear griever. It was a pleasure to spend some time with you. I must let you go now, but I will have the pleasure of meeting again.