S e e k i n g 
C o n n e c t i o n

Welcome to our podcast! Here we invite experts and volunteers who deal with death on a daily basis to come and have a conversation with us. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a hospice volunteer or a death doula you’ve come to the right place! We strive to create an open and safe space to share experience, listen and learn about death from varying perspectives. Take a seat and relax, you’re in good hands.

Link to the podcasts 

Podcast 1: Madelon Mink - Hospice Volunteer

Madelon has been working for a year as a hospice volunteer, something she has found to be greatly rewarding. Connecting and caring for guests in the hospice who have only 13 weeks or less left to live.

Podcast 2: Katrijn Desteghe - Death Doula

Katrijn works as a death doula, coaching people through their last stage of life. With great insights and a more spiritual perspective, tune in to learn more about Katrijn’s story. (Dutch language audio; English transcript here)

Podcast 3: Dr. Judith Rietjens - Medical Expert for End of Life Planning and Decision-Making

In this riveting podcast we cover a range of topics from personal views on death to euthenasia and terminal illness as Judith adds her voice to the discussion on the taboo of death coming from a scientific background.