P r e p a r e  y o u r  F u n e r a l

Here we are then, the time has come to think about this. You may think it’s silly or very gloomy but hey, it will unfortunately happen eventually. Don’t be sad about it, see this as a fun exercise. As you can’t be part, kinda, of your own funeral you can surely at least plan it. Do the people around you actually know what you would want when you’re no longer here ? Do you even know what you want ? No ? Great! Then you should take a little bit of your alive time to think about your death..

This form isn’t just intended for older or ill people, you never know what tomorrow may bring… (let’s touch wood just in case). At any age, it’s important to think about these kinds of things don’t you think ? You can even fill this in multiple times throughout your life and look back on the one’s you’ve previously completed, maybe things will have changed, maybe they won’t have.

Take your time and enjoy the process, death shouldn’t just be an end.